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  Quick review of Place, Ratnagiri
    Ratnagiri is situated at coastal region of Maharashtra state with God’s gifted natural beauty and resources. It’s at a distance of 370 kms by road (approx.) from Mumbai (capital of Maharashtra) towards Goa. National higway number 17 is passing from Ratnagiri. Even it’s connected to Mumbai by Konkan Railway. From Pune Ratnagiri is at 350 kms by road (approx.).
    Ratnagiri district is a paradise in the world. It is a land as beautiful as its people simple, soft spoken, easy going and hospitable. You will certainly develop a bond of affection with the Konkani people on your first visit to the land. This place is an ideal destination for adventurous travelers, holiday makers and nature lovers.
    The scenery of this district has been shaped by a happy partnership of geography and civilization. It has green hills, deep valleys, and emerald green paddy fields. There are number of stunning beaches. There is something special for every one to enjoy and discover. It has its own specialty of summer fruits like Hapus (mango), Konkam, Jackfruit, Cashew Nuts, Jambulam, Karvandas etc. There is a regional specialty-Konkani food, made from rice, fish and coconut. It has a wide variety of wild life, vegetation and birds.
    If you are a water lover, Ratnagiri district has all the beaches to seduce you with their diverse offerings like shimmering water, palm trees swaying madly in the breeze on the bank of the silver sun kissed beaches. It is all a breath-taking view! The narrow streets of all the small villages lined with Konkani style cottage, with sloping red-tile roofs immediately transport you to another time. Ancient temples and forts have withstood the test of time, and they draw you to them with their intricacy and beauty.
    The land's greenery and the serenity offer an amazing array of backwaters. They are breathtakingly beautiful destinations with nature at its best. Splendid sunsets, pulsating palms and wonderful waves. The best way to enjoy the backwaters is to take a ride on a house boat.
  Best Time to visit
  > All round the year
  > If you are water lover then rainy season is best for you to visit Ratnagiri with lots of water falls and lush greenly land.
  > If you love Konkani fruits then summer season is the best to take a round to Ratnagiri.
  General Information
  Latitude: 15° 36' and 18°05'N
Longitude: 73° 05' and 74° 36'E
Population: 1544057(1991 Census)
Climate: Tropical
Clothing: Cotton Clothes
STD code: 02352
  Distance From Mumbai
Mumbai - Chiplun - Ratnagiri = 390 Km.
  Distance From Pune
Pune - Chiplun - Ratnagiri = 345 Km.
Ganapatipule Temple
Ganapatipule Beach
View from Ratnadurga Fort
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